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Our Training Philosophy 

We view tennis players the way we view rocks in a stream.  They have strength, sturdiness and a lot of rough edges.  With our coaching, we provide constant resistance to make them more resilient, to help them smooth out their edges, and to illuminate their individual beauty as athletes. True coaching takes time and effort, and for those willing to jump into the water, we’re here to help you shine. 

Rise Tennis Academy - Junior Tennis Play

Our Programs

At Rise Academy, we believe tennis brings people together for a multitude of  reasons.  For some, cardio classes and league practices provide the camaraderie we aspire to in today’s world.  For others, the pursuit of excellence drives them into our drill classes or academy workouts.  And sometimes, players just like to grab a drink with some friends and hit the ball around for fun.  Our programs are designed to teach, to challenge and to assist you in achieving whichever goals you pursue.  And, if our classes don’t meet your needs, all of our coaches are available for private lessons and we’ll keep them a secret from the opponents you want to beat.

Our Tennis Pros

We’ve assembled one of the strongest coaching teams in the country.  Their expertise at every level of the game is astonishing, and with their brilliant tennis minds and some technological assistance, you’ll have to fight very hard to avoid improving your game.

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We are currently accepting new members and invite you to join our passionate tennis community. 

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